Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you kidding me? Palin to replace Steel? From the gaffe king to the gaffe queen

How desperate is the Republican Party? Let’s put it this way - if GOP members pick Palin to head their party they’re panicked to the point of denying reality. Palin is a cartoon for extreme Conservatives, a comedian’s delight, and possibly the dumbest Republican star to emerge since George Bush. Look at her track record. She couldn’t even finish her term as Alaska’s Governor because she was getting into trouble with staff and letting her husband run things behind the scenes. The seat was becoming too hot and her handlers advised her to vacate before she ended up losing the job. But she figured out that the real money (forget a governor’s small salary) could be made flapping her guns from coast-to-coast to crazed Conservatives who thrive on rhetoric.   

When McCain pulled her out of obscurity, he created a monster. She found out that there were bigger fish to fry than what the political waters in Alaska offered. She let the world know that she could almost see Russia from her back door, and created that much repeated chant, “Drill baby Drill.” Now she gets a reported $100,000 per speaking engagements where she can continue to share her special views on the Constitution, her love for the NRA and hunting wolves from helicopters. All great grist for the GOP agenda.

The only positive thing I see coming out of Palin heading the GOP Party is it ought to drive any sane Republicans (if any are left) into becoming Independents and giving them a much needed lift to be  a  real player in politics.   

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Jendocino said...

That poor son of hers - the one with down's syndrome - is being dragged all over the country and trotted out at her appearances like a prop. It's my understanding that in order to maximize the hope for an independent adulthood, special needs children need a structured, calm, and focused learning environment from the moment they are diagnosed. Yet Sara claims to be a "mama grizzly" protecting her "cubs." It would be funny if it weren't so chilling. Love your posts, Dave!

ImBlogCrazy said...


Either you love Palin or you hate her.She seems to be that polarizing.

I actually feel sorry for her, but when she puts herself (and her family)out there as a conservative demi-god the criticism is going to come.

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