Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Really? Steal a Tarantula and Go Straight to Jail?

So this guy from Maryland  does something really stupid and the judge puts him in jail.

If that logic is applied even-handedly to every person who does something stupid (that doesn’t harm animals or people), then we’ve all been guilty numerous times in our lives..and better hope we never go up before this judge for a stupid mistake.

Randy Humple was a parole, but it seems silly to put him in jail (at taxpayer’s expense) for 90 days for stealing a spider. He did steal something, and should pay a fine and/or do some community work. But wasting money that could be used elsewhere in the local government seems like a stupid sentence on the judge’s part. Carroll County Circuit Judge J. Barry Hughes sentenced 27-year-old Randy Humple of Westminster on July 26th.

This Sunday’s (Aug. 1) “As It Stands” in The Times-Standard, is taking a lingering look at stupid people. Be sure to take a peek:  ‘I know I’m right’ syndrome or being stupid and proud of it – on the Op Ed page. So you there.  

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