Monday, April 12, 2010

Multiple tours of duty linked to PTSD

 I’ve been writing about PTSD in the military for years. Because of my own experiences, and the help I got in counseling, I understand the condition. There’s been numerous books on the subject. Numerous magazine and newspaper articles have talked about PTSD being prevalent in returning combat veterans for years now.

The thing that troubles me the most is everyone already knows what a problem it is to send a man or woman into combat for numerous tours. This headline almost makes you think it was a new discovery. More importantly, why hasn’t something been done about it? Back in my time, we only HAD to do one tour in Vietnam. This new generation is facing multiple tours. How can any human be expected not to come out of them unscathed? It’s unrealistic, and to my way of thinking unfair.

It’s time that we, those who believe this practice is wrong, stand up and tell President Obama and the Pentagon warmongers to stop sacrificing these men and woman on the altar of their ambitions. Iraq and Afghanistan is this century’s Vietnam. When will we realize that and tell out politicians (of all parties) to stop the madness?

Veteran: ‘I wanted everything to stop. I had no peace at all.’

It wasn't his first tour in Iraq, but his second and third when Joe Callan began wondering how long his luck would last — how many more months he could swerve around bombs buried in the dirt and duck mortars raining from the skies.It was only natural, considering the horrors he'd seen: One buddy killed when a mortar engulfed his tent in flames.”

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