Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Russian church sells miracle stickers to cell phone users

From MOSNEWS we have the following story about cell phone users. I recently wrote a column about cell phones 

That column generated a tremendous response and some readers even sent me more information about cell phone dangers in regards to children using them. Since that June 7th column, a steady flow of emails has come in. I just got one yesterday (today's not over yet).

I thought this article was an indirect link to what I wrote about, i.e., cell phone dangers, and an amusing solution to a very serious subject. 

The Russian Orthodox Church has started to sell stickers that, when put on a mobile phone, will miraculously protect its owner from hazardous electromagnetic waves.

For 170 rubles, or just $5.5, anyone can purchase the sticker at so-called “church shops” in the Novgorod Region, where they are sold among accessories like crosses, prayer books and candles, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily writes Tuesday.

The round stickers are decorated with images of famous Russian churches and monasteries – such as Christ the Savior or the Trinity Laura. They are extremely popular with customers.

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Photo: www.kp.ru

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