Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What should be done to stop Somali pirate attacks on international ships?

My column on March 1st dealt with this problem...

Avast Mate! There are pirates on the high seas, the Web, and Wall Street!

From the Associated Press this morning...


By Katharine Houreld/AP

Somali pirates on Wednesday hijacked a U.S.-flagged cargo ship with 20 American crew members onboard, hundreds of miles from the nearest American military vessel in some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

The 17,000-ton Maersk Alabama was carrying emergency relief to Mombasa, Kenya, when it was hijacked, said Peter Beck-Bang, spokesman for the Copenhagen-based container shipping group A.P. Moller-Maersk. It was the sixth ship seized within a week, a rise that analysts attribute to a new strategy by Somali pirates who are operating far from the warships patrolling the Gulf of Aden. Read the rest of the story here.

From we have more information on the pirates and what's happening in Somalia

Pirates: The Massive Threat To Somaliland

The pirates illegally operate in Puntland coastal area have enormous threat to Somaliland in term of its social structure, currency value and youth mentality in near future unless the government has not taken tight security measurement.

The fact that pirate has get much publicity in Puntland state with the positive reaction from its society has expressed overwhelming treat to Somaliland, which may effects it’s social institution – marriage.

Read the rest of the story here. Image via


Anonymous said...

To be honest, Navy seals should sink that boat. you cannot swim with a rifle in your hand. Then No trial just hang them.

ImBlogCrazy said...

Well, so far there's not much pity for those pirates. No surprise.

Something has to be done by all the countries whose shipping is being attacked.

Anonymous said...

Heavily armed decoy freighters could be used to draw in Somali Pirates and destroy them when they attempt to board. With all pirates killed there would be no evidence. US could deny these exist. Over time, less pirates would be returning to Port and less money coming in to fund future pirating. Also US navy should use something other than expensive frigates to go after pirates. The US beat the red coats with small arms and maneuvarable small boats. US is still using techniques to fight another superpower instead of pirates.

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