Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today's As It Stands: Let's just say no to prescription drug commercials on television

The television brings us commercials on prescription drugs that we can not go out and buy ourselves.

A doctor has to prescribe them. So why do the makers of Flomax and other drugs bother advertising on television? Because they know you will see something that you think you need and you'll ask your doctor for it.

The subtle hidden messages in these commercials hypnotize viewers into wanting them. See today's As It Stands in the Times-Standard on prescription drug commercials

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Anonymous said...

It is immoral to advertise drugs on commercials.

Doctors, if they are moral, ethical and skilled, will recognize symptoms in their patients and they are more than equipped to make decisions.

I believe that drug commercials could lead to doctor shopping. Let's say your doctor says no to your self-diagnosis and you figure you'll find yourself a doctor who agrees with you?

I suppose that already happens, but don't drug commercials make that more likely?

Plus, don't they have the potential to "plant" in patients symptoms that may not be there, or give patients ideas to obtain drugs they may not need but that they may want for certain effects?

At least the drug companies have to list the contraindications, which you should listen to.

I just saw an ad for a drug that helped kill my father. It said that in some elderly patients, the drug has led to death.

His own surgeon and internist said this anti-inflammatory led to his bowel blockage that got him into St. Joseph Hospital, where the care was horrific.

Although my father aspirated, I blame his death on the horrific care at St. Joseph Hospital. It's too bad that the remarkable dedication of a surgeon, internist, some nurses (only one charge nurse out of many) and only two nurses' assistants were outweighed by the uncaring nursing staff who refused to help me walk my father, etc.

So, take two morals from my tale of woe: listen very closely to the advertised drugs' potential side effects and stay as far away as you can from St. Joseph Hospital.

Sorry folks, the care there is horrific, and I know, I know, a lot of people speak so highly of the hospital.

They survived.

Andrew K Bates said...

I don't have a problems with over-the-counter medications being advertised, but feel strongly that it is immoral to advertise prescription pharmacuticals anywhere.

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