Friday, April 10, 2009

Every time you go on the Internet another robot goes to heaven!

From "Every Time You Use the Internet, a Robot Goes to Heaven" - verseguru

These fanciful robots from the fifties are what I grew up with. I had a couple of these whirling, twirling, wind-em up mechanical wonders. Of course, I never saved them. Like most people, I regret not having them now. They'd be antiques and worth something! Oh well...I had some good times with them, and I guess the memory makes up for the material loss. Note that they are all made of metal, not plastic like now. My favorite was Robby The Robot.

"The Robot Hut" is where all good robots end up in afterlife...

John Rigg from The Robot Hut built a whole barn for his immense collection of toy and movie prop robots. Most of the movie prop robots he builds himself including Robby, B-9, Star Wars droids and Huey, Dewey & Louie from the movie "Silent Running" to name a few. He also built a replica of the Time Machine from the classic movie.

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