Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walking with Millie, and a shout-out to all viewers in the last 24 hours

   Before I ramble off in another direction with Millie my pug, I would like to thank “Taide” for becoming the sixth regular follower of this blog by subscribing to it. I appreciate that you are interested enough to want to read this blog daily. Hopefully, I won’t let you down.
   Speaking of readers, there’s been an interesting string of schools and colleges this last 24 hours. Here are some of them:
   Bishop Kearney High School; University of Phoenix; Trumbull Public Schools; Purdue University; Park Hill School; State of Tennessee Department of Education; Katy Independent School; Danbury Public Schools; University of Masssachusetts; Pennsylvania State College; Confederate College (in Ontario, Canada); and Wayne State University.
     There has been 148 international visitors in the last 24 hours. Here are some of them:
    Tirana, Tirane, Albania; Belmont, New South Wales, Australia; Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium; Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Nicosia, Cyprus; Copenhagan, Staden Kobenhaven, Denmark; Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland; Marseille, Provence-alpes-cote-D’azur, France; Brotterade, Thuringer, Germany; Athens, Attiki, Greece; Milan, Lombardia, Italy; Pune, Maharashtra, India; Tel Aviv, Israel; Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan; Tokoyo, Japan; Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania; Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia; Auckland, New Zealand; Bergen, Hordaland, Norway; Porto, Portugal; Volgograd, Russian Federation; Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa; Meyrin, Geneve, Switzerland; and Istanbul, Turkey.
      Nationally, 178 readers from all over the USA, and Hawaii, have stopped in to visit the last 24 hours. None from Alaska however! I almost always get one from there.
      Moving on....
       As usual I did some good thinking while walking Millie today. Lines of verse teased me as I observed the beautiful countryside here in Dow’s Prairie. Signs of Spring made the walk all the more enjoyable.
      Green leaves provided lush canopies to stroll through, as the sun struggled to pierce the clouds that hinted at rain. Tree limbs, once winter-barren, now explode with buds and new life. The scents of numerous animals made Millie’s walk an adventure. Like every day. She knows to live for the day, and I meekly follow that tactic.
      Life is too short to live it in misery. It’s too short to hold grudges and to feud with family. We are here for a brief blink of time, and it’s up to us to enjoy it. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Walking, going to a good play, or sailing in a boat for the day.
       No matter what life has-or hasn’t- given us, it’s out choice to make it a good day. Walking with Millie helps me to see that. Taking deep breaths from the cleanest air in California, I feel like I’ve won the lottery...just to live here.
       As It Stands, my blog is going somewhere, and touching people out there, and I hope it brings good vibes! 

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