Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's As It Stands: Avast Mate! There's pirates on the high seas, the web, and on Wall Street

Back in the early sixties, my brother and I played pirates on the roof of our house when our parents went to the movies. We scrambled up wooden trellises as their car disappeared down the street in the waning moments of the day's light.

Darkness didn't slow down our adventures on the roof, aka our pirate galleon.

We clashed plastic cutlasses under the moon and pretended to be Blackbeard, Captain William Kidd, Black Bart Roberts, or Captain “Calico” Jack Rackham who was known for his colorful attire and for having a couple of females (Anne Bonny and Mary Read) in his crew.

Our two older sisters weren't interested in our stupid pirate games and refused to portray Bonny or Read.

Instead, they agreed not to rat us out when our parents went to the drive-in movies if we wouldn't bug them.

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pirate images via Google images

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