Thursday, January 8, 2009

Squirrels Gone Crazy: British 'Save a Squirrel by Eating One' campaign coupled with massive hunting efforts attempt to save the Red ones from the American Grays


With literally millions of squirrels rampaging through England, Scotland, and Wales, locals felt something needed to be done.

The Red squirrels are locals, but the cute little Gray one's have been imported from North America. The British are not new to eating squirrel, but it's not like they haven't, especially during WWII. Now squirrel is enjoying a popularity that it's never experienced before and is being featured on the menu's of fancy restaurants. How times change. This Save A Squirrel campaign seems kinda strange to me. Do the hunters just kill the Grays? Because if they don't, and also kill the Reds, It's hard to see how they are saving the Reds! Take a look at this feature story in today's New York Post by clicking here.

                                                                   Andrew Parkinson/Getty Images

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