Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rock 'n Roll heyday photos on display at Shoe Shop in Sherman Oaks

Greg Papazian was a teenager when he began taking photos of rock stars for several famous clubs, like the Whiskey a Go-Go. He took over 1600 photos before going to work at the family's shoe store. He became a cobbler, but one day a friend talked him into turning the store into an art gallery featuring his rare photos.       


 Greg Papazian is shown above with two of his favorite photos. Annie Lennox (left) taken in 1983 at the Palace Theatre in Hollywood, and Ron Wood, taken at the Anaheim Convention Center in 1973. He took photos of such famous groups as: Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Procol Harum; Rod Stewart; The Who; Edgar Winter; Humble Pie; Uriah Heep; Deep Purple; Fleetwood Mac; Eric Clapton; Chuck Berry; Bee Gees; and T. Rex.

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