Friday, November 14, 2008

Bush administration cuts clean air regulations for polluting companies

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently passed a new rule aimed at clearing the nation's air of toxic metals that lead to childhood lead poisoning. The Bush administration quietly weakened that provision at the last minute by exempting dozens of polluters from scrutiny, federal records show.

At least 12 factories in Illinois alone have fallen through the cracks because of this sneaky move by Bush.

The EPA has been looking at the harmful effects of lead and there's a pile of research that shows how dangerous it really is when released in the air.

This is just another part of the putrid Bush legacy that will leave future generations to declare him the worst president we ever had!

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Carl Hand-up said...

It just so happens any regulations published by GW and company can be easily nulled and voided by the incoming president. The idots thought they could create all these insane regulations up to 60 days within the end of his term, they were wrong, again.

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