Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lakers swat late surging Hornets to extend un-beaten record to 7-0

Before the season began those NBA pundits that talked of the Wild Western Conference being between three teams can think again. The division champs are back and just who do you suppose can stop them?

Certainly not those two top teams mentioned in the same breath as the Lakers? The New Orleans Hornets or the Houston Rockets. The Lakers have brutalized both teams while making a statement...they are the TEAM TO BEAT!

ABOVE - Kobe Bryant works on Morris Peterson during the fourth quarter. The final score was 93-86, although most of the game the Hornets were down by as much as 21 points. No team has got any closer than 7 points to the Lakers yet this year. The Lakers motto this season is: Remember what happened in Boston!

So take notice you Celtic fans. This is the Lakers year!

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