Friday, November 14, 2008

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Rejected by other Republican Governors!

While reading two of my favorite blogs, Political Animal and Think Progress, I ran across some interesting news regarding Gov. Sarah Palin today.

It seems the Republican Governor's Association was holding a meeting and elected it's new leadership team and guess who wasn't picked? That's right. Gov. Sarah Palin. Imagine that?

The funny thing is that there are only 21 Republican Governors left in the country, and 19 of them attended the meeting, which was held in Miami. There's eight leadership posts. So she had a 42% chance of being picked and nobody wanted the hockey mom from Alaska.

Rumor has it that the governors weren't real happy with Palin's news conference yesterday and this was a great way of sending her a message! The cat's out-of-the-bag. She was a desperate political pick that gave new meaning to dumb and inexperienced.

My column AS IT STANDS this Sunday talks about the Republican Meltdown and where they are going next. I also make an argument for third party candidates getting more media exposure in the future. I did suggest that if the Republican Party did split in two, she might be the head of the new party - The Righteous Republicans!

See this Sunday's Times-Standard's  AS IT STANDS and let me know what you think.

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