Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's 17-yr-old daughter is pregnant

I wonder what conservatives will say when they find out that Bristol Paline is pregnant out-of-wedlock? Her 44-year-old governor mom says the family is supporting her (isn't that nice, their not going to disown her!).

According to the mainstream media McCain was aware of this little situation, but said it was no problem. Really? What about the conservative family values that neo-cons like to trot out at every opportunity? It should be interesting, as we continue to find things out about Palin (and her family). This comes from not properly vetting a candidate and a lot of Republicans are becoming worried with McCain's pick for veep.


Some pundits say Palin is giving a boost to the Republican Party. Do you agree with that?

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Anonymous said...


She IS giving a bump to the GOP ticket.

I think a candidate's child getting pregnant out of wedlock is not an "issue". If she were to murder the unborn baby with an abortion,(for a pro-life family like Palin) that would be news.

Mike Harvey

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