Monday, September 1, 2008

Bush is not speaking at the RNC

Looks like President Bush will be a no show at the Republican Convention. Most Republicans are actually quit happy with this arrangement as they see him as one big negative.

McCain's campaign is trying to cut new territory for the Elephant Party and show he's a maverick by picking a woman who has less experience in politics than an intern in Washington.


The rumor is Bush is just sitting in his executive chair waiting to give aid to New Orleans and he can't be bothered with something like a silly convention - why do you think he's not attending?

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Richard Parish said...

It's the ol' bait 'n' switch. lets put all the focus on George Bush, as if the oppression of the Wealth-class begins and ends with him. it has never been about GWB. it is the society of the U.S. that is in need of repair.
As long as such a large part of the population is held down by unjust rules and requirements for: Jobs, education, home-ownership, then the society as a whole is missing out on the potential contribution from that part of the culture.
The wealthy class is going to lay the blame on Bush, and never will they discuss our reality.

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