Sunday, August 31, 2008

New marijuana 'road map' still has detours

Today's As It Stands, in the Times-Standard, talks about California Attorney General Jerry Brown who has issued an eleven-page directive that is supposed to make life easier for medical marijuana users and California cops.

The only problem with that list is the Feds are already ignoring it. They have in the past, and will continue to ignore anything this state tries to do to carry out the voter's will.


Which one of the presidential candidates do you think might stand up for the will of California voters and grant more state's rights?


Richard Parish said...

Better chance of seeing Bigfoot than someone in authority defending Californians from the Federal Government.
Local law enforcement are duty bound to protect locals from outside agencies coming in to make illegal arrests. Instead, our local sheriffs are with the Feds, riding along to help them. Do they make a determination that the "Warrant" may not be legal, since the offence is not illegal in this state? No. In fact, California State law enforcement has done nothing but try to undermine the law.

Ariel Wilson said...

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how to become a professional author said...

While the new marijuana "road map" is promising, there are still many detours to navigate.

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