Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'I-Witness group arrested before they can video tape RNC protests

'I-Witness' founder, Eileen Clancy, was arrested and detained last Saturday by police in what appeared to be a preemptive arrest.

Clancy said that she and her team were surrounded by police in the house they were staying at in St.Paul before they even had a chance to video tape any protests at the RNC. Journalist Amy Goodman was also arrested amid accusations of police brutality. There's been over three times the arrests (342) at the RNC (and it's only half over) compared to a total number of 130 at the DNC. Tear gas has already been used.

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Don't you just love how the police tactics with Clancy violated her right to assemble? Why do you think the police are being so aggressive at the RNC?

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