Saturday, July 30, 2022

RNC Previews New Program: Fake News Hour

Welcome to the Republican National Committee Alternative Reality Media Club. Today's launch of Fake News Hour is expected to become a viral hit for extremists throughout the country.

In the first podcast Florida governor Ron DeSantis owns the libs by creating a story about elementary students being told by teachers that if they were born a boy, they can still be a girl. And vice versa.

Wow! How about them apples?

DeSantis called out those bad apple teachers in Florida and across the nation and told them to repent or school boards will have to try them for crimes against children. 

The Republican dominated state Senate and House have introduced a bill that says convicted teachers can get anywhere from the death penalty to life in prison with no parole.

Moving on...

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell has come up with evidence of fraud in the upcoming Republican primary for governor supporting candidate Kari Lake's assertion of fraud before the voting has begun.

In a debate last week Lake warned the other candidates to stop cheating and that her opponents will use the votes of dead people to try and defeat her.

But her real bombshell came when Lindell caught Republican Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer asking voters to use a new quick-drying pen instead of their regular black or blue pens.

Lindell's election experts discovered the "new" pens were made in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez who was bankrolled by President Biden's crooked son Hunter.

Lake, who has been trailing in the polls, expects a big bounce after the shocking revelation is announced. 

Donald Trump (who is still president), endorsed Lake at a rally earlier this month and called her up on Thursday after hearing about the poison pen conspiracy and her excellent response.

That's all for today folks. Have a MAGA day!

Friday, July 29, 2022

Why Do Republican Lawmakers Treat Veterans Like Bargaining Chips?

Republicans don't care about our military personnel and the proof is in their voting history.

Once again Republicans officially delayed a veterans' bill with a filibuster. "They chose yesterday to rob generations of toxic-exposed veterans across the country of the health care benefits they've earned," said Senator Jon Tester, who added, "It was a total eleventh-hour act of cowardice."

It's hard to square how much Republicans give the military industrial complex benefiting the Pentagon, and how little they care about the rank-and-file who put their lives on the line to protect democracy.

Veterans get no respect from Republicans. Yesterday's filibuster was just the latest example of that. What's really chickenshit is why Republicans lawmakers refused to help out veterans.

They were retaliating against a newly revived Democratic plan to curb climate change by blocking a bill they previously supported providing healthcare to veterans of burn pits, and Agent Orange.

So, in summary the GOP uses veterans as bargaining chips for their negotiations. History proves that. The Republicans hold veterans' healthcare hostage to forward their toxic ideology.

A longtime advocate for veterans' rights, Jon Stewart said it the best...

(To Republican lawmakers)

"Congratulations... You successfully used the Byzantine Senate rules to keep sick veterans suffering!!!! Kudos! I'm sure you'll celebrate by kicking a dog or punching a baby... or whatever terrible people do for fun!!!"

Thursday, July 28, 2022

'Can We Get Along?" The Answer is Still... No

I sometimes think about Rodney King and the LA riots and how he pleaded with the public during a June 17, 2012, press conference asking the question "Can we all get along?"

Here we are 10 years later, and the answer is still... no.

If anything, Americans are fighting more among themselves in a societal war to divide this country in half. 

No one should be surprised, however. As a longtime and ongoing student of American history I've yet to find a period in the nation where Americans all got along. Even wars against foreign nations only partly unify the country. We're never "all in" on anything.

It's apparent that individualism far outweighs the common cause. We are proud, maybe too proud of the fact we're the only country in the world with very little gun control and laws which result in mass shootings almost daily.

Millions of Americans simply don't believe in the laws of the land and flout them constantly with anarchist alternatives. The Republicans still paying homage to the former president are trying to turn reality on its head with the Big Lie.

From the beginning of this democracy we enjoy, there were divides that still exist today. One is that city slickers just don't get along with rural folk. They're values are just too different.

I've always been amused with writers who talk about the great melting pot this nation is. From the day that white Anglo-Saxon Christians arrived in America and set up colonies there's always been a societal pecking order with them on top. The melting process is still trying to take hold.

Immigrants are reviled and white nationalists have united with Republicans to seek an authoritarian government free from outsiders. 

We've fought a Civil War but the traitors who lost are still revered in Southern states.

America has survived the 9/11 attacks, the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing, Waco, and hundreds of other assaults upon our society without unifying and moving forward as a United States of America.

What would it actually take to bring all Americans together in a common cause?

The only thing that comes to my mind is if we're invaded by extra-terrestrial beings Americans might unite to survive to save their collective asses.

Still, I wouldn't bet on it. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

New Heights of Hypocrisy in GOP Hastens Race to the Bottom

Lies alone are not enough to prove MAGA credentials these days as feats of absolute hypocrisy have become the latest measure of being a Trump supporter.

Thus far the leading Republican hypocrite in the news is Rep. Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania. 

A mere three days after voting against federal protections for same-sex marriage Thompson attended his gay son's wedding. A press secretary for Thompson confirmed to NBC News that he was there and thrilled to celebrate his son's "new chapter in his life."

Yes, it's blatant and Thompson doesn't give a damn. He was part of a group of 157 House Republicans that didn't want to codify marriage rights because it wasn't the Way of MAGA Morons

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest those 157 naysayers have an LGBTQ+ person in their family, or in their circle of friends. My question is how do they reconcile their obvious hypocrisy?

With the marriage protection bill headed to the Senate the American people will see which of the 50 Republican senators are against it and can judge them accordingly at the ballot box during the midterms.

In Trump world lately there's been a frantic race to the bottom of the barrel where truth goes to die, and everyone promotes the Big Lie.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

It's Plain to See: Trump's Not Going to Make a Comeback in 2024

Some people really think Trump is going to get re-elected in 2024. They're going to be disappointed.


Let's think about it. The majority of Americans are now aware of how hard Trump tried to overturn a fair election thanks to the Jan. 6 Select Committee's series of eight nationally televised hearings. The effects from all the negative revelations will show up at the ballot boxes this midterm election cycle.

The fact that the Jan. 6 committee plans on holding future hearings in September will refresh voters about Trump's attempt to cripple our democratic republic.

The Department of Justice may appear to be crawling along with their investigation of the coup attempt but there have been signs their homing in Trump's inner circle and on him.


Legal experts are predicting that Trump's first criminal indictment will be for election interference in Fulton County Georgia. The DA, Fani Willis, is moving swiftly with a grand jury sending out subpoenas to local GOP officials and senators like Lindsey Graham. Her case is narrow and has a smoking gun - an audio of Trump trying to get Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to change the vote count to favor him.


Trumps dance card of court cases in New York are rapidly advancing starting with this week which is the tentative date for the (1 case) protestor trial (Trump's bodyguard beating up a protestor at his urging) where Trump is going to be the star witness. His onetime fixer turned critic Michael Cohen is the star witness against him.

August 3rd is the day for depositions to begin behind the scenes in the (2nd case) writer E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit against Trump in Manhattan. She accused Trump of raping her and saved a dress with DNA on it. Trump is going to have to give a sample of his DNA at some point.

Two related investigations (3rd and 4th cases) by New York State and City officials are currently being carried out to determine whether the Trump Organization has committed financial fraud. One is a criminal case being conducted by the Manhattan district attorney and the other is a civil case being conducted by the New York Attorney General.

After taking in consideration the above listed challenges facing Trump the odds are against him dodging all of the charges. That's evident. We can also take into account other reasons why Trump won't be running for re-election in November.

For instance, who's to say his health will hold up to be able to physically run for office?

Chances are he'll be charged for more crimes in the future as both state and federal investigations progress.

Rupert Murdoch has thrown Trump under the bus! Fox News is no longer singing his praise. Both of Murdoch's newspapers - The New York Post and the Wall Street Journal ran editorials attacking him and saying he's unfit to ever hold office again. Trump's going to feel the pain without Murdoch's help.

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I'm going to stop here. I could go on, but I don't think it's necessary. It's plain to see Trump will never regain the presidency.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Women Villains in Popular Culture and Politics: Todays Pick - Ginni Thomas

I don't think women villains get enough credit for how powerful they are in fiction and reality. Here's some reminders. 

Women Villains in the Movies 

Bellatrix Lestrange – Harry Potter

  • Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  • Cruella de Vil -Cruella
  • Regina George – Mean Girls
  • Ursula – The Little Mermaid
  • Villanelle – Killing Eve
  • Catwoman – Batman Returns
  • O-Ren Ishii – Kill Bill: Vol 1.

  • Women Villains in Politics
  • Ginni Thomas
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Teri Lake
  • Lauren Bobert
  • Sydney Powell
  • Kellyanne Conway
  • Kelli Ward
  • Amy Facchinello
  • Loraine B. Pellegrino
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith

Today's Pick for Villainess in the Movies
  • Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

  • She's a magnificent example of true evil and also belongs in a separate category for cruelty.

Today's Pick for Villainess in Politics

Of the 10 listed candidates, Ginni Thomas towers above the rest based upon the damage she has done to our democracy and will continue too unless held accountable. 

What makes her really scary is everyone is afraid of her because her husband Clarence is a Supreme Court justice who likely will never be held accountable for defiling the court with right-wing extremist views. 

As bad ass as Maleficent is, she doesn't hold a candle to the traitorous Ginni Thomas.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

American Horror Story: The Crawling Lie: MAGA's Monster

We're living an American horror story that eclipses the 1958 science fiction drama The Crawling Eye (also released as the Trollenberg Terror) that left audiences screeching in fear.

There's the United States of America, and there's a MAGA "Merika."

One built upon verifiable history and facts, the other on lies perpetrated by a horrific megalomaniac who can't admit he lost the 2020 election.

What is the world to think about the Crawling Lie/ aka The Big Lie that millions of Americans believe in? 

It's got to be a shock to see and hear how many crazy people have infiltered our federal government and state governments.

Truth is a casualty in America. It's a concept so foreign to Trump minions that they scream in its mere presence.

Blood has been shed in the name of Trump. His enablers tried to help him overthrow the election with a coup attempt that left people dead and wounded. 

Trump's attempts failed... the first time. The fear of a second time terrifies people as the Crawling Lie continues to poison weak minds.


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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Another Day of 'Heat in Our Lives' Politically and Globally

Have you ever been really hot somewhere and have some smart ass ask, "is it hot enough for you?"

Those are fighting words now, as scientists try to convince governments to take immediate measures to mitigate the global warming that has so dramatically materialized decades sooner than predicted.

Heat waves pose a particular threat to global food supplies, already under pressure from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


A ray of hope - Russian and Ukraine agree to resume Ukraine grain exports from Black Sea ports, UN Chief says


The growing number of historical heat highs across the planet are linked to health problems and correlate with high rates of crime, anxiety and depression.

There are record-setting temperatures this summer in the UK and in places ranging from Texas to China and Western Europe.

Back in the USA Americans are facing politics so heated that democracy may melt down in the near future. Polarized politics are fanning the flames of hate between Trump's Republicans and Democrats.

Threats of a "scorched earth" policy against the truth are being promised by the Republican party if they retake the House (and or the Senate). 

To bring the temperatures down (as in the ongoing coup attempts) Trump and his cronies must be indicted for treason in order to save our republic from burning to the ground.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Republicans Are Going All Out to Make Women Second Class Citizens

The Republican Party has taken a deep dive into extremism by targeting women's rights.

They don't want women to have the right to their own bodies as evidenced by their all-out assault on abortions after the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs Wade.

Why are women being targeted as second-class citizens who must yield to right-wing ideologies?

For starters look who is leading the charge against women's freedoms... men. Men who don't like women. Men that fear women and do their best to marginalize them in society.

Women are faced with cult like religions who don't think a women should be independent and have autonomy of their own bodies.

The unholy alliance between the extreme Christain Nationalists and the Republican party was cemented back in 2017 when Trump slunk into the White House. 

The Republican party's latest push against women's rights involves taking away contraception. When the House voted to protect contraception yesterday 195 Republicans voted against the bill.

Against contraception! Astonishing! The Republicans claim the bill was a way of seeking more abortions even though they prevent unwanted pregnancies.

As for the Republican women who join their men against other women... what can I say other than they enjoy "twisted Biblical" servitude to males?

Every woman who believes she's equal to men and who wants control of her own body has a mission this November... vote Democrat!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Last Jan. 6 Committe Hearing is Today - or Is It the Last?

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Today the Jan. 6 panel is offering the most compelling evidence
yet of Trump's "dereliction of duty" on the day of the insurrection.

It's noteworthy that today's hearing will be the first in the prime-time slot since June 9 debut that was viewed by an estimated 20 million people.

The committee will be sharing a minute-by-minute account during the time frame, from when he left the stage at the Ellipse, came back to the White House, and sat in the White House dining room.

Just because today's hearing is the last originally scheduled by the J6 panel doesn't mean their investigation is over.


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On the contrary, committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said, "The fact that a series of hearings is concluded today doesn't mean the investigation is over. It's very active, new witnesses and additional information is still coming forward."

Which is bad news for Republicans who were hoping they heard the last from the J6 committee. In essence the panel will accumulate more damning evidence daily that will pop up like a Jack-in-the Box unexpectantly and they'll hold a hearing on it. For months ahead.

We've yet to see why the Secret Service deleted texts from Jan 5 and 6. That's a rabbit hole which could lead to the complete restructuring of the Secret Service which has been polluted by Trump enablers.

It's reasonable to assume more key witnesses will testify for the panel in the months ahead.

A majority of liberal and conservative pundits agree that the hearings have taken a political toll on Trump. No one's sure how much damage has been done, but the fact that more damning revelations are on the way has the Republican party - and Trump - cringing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Smashing Skulls: Woodpeckers Secret Power is Revealed

So, some scientists with lots of time and money to spend, discovered that Woodpeckers little skulls are not shock absorbers.

This is supposed to be a big deal

If you ever wondered how their tiny brains stay intact as they smash their faces into a tree, Sam Van Wassenbergh a biologist at the University of Antwerp has the answer. He discovered that woodpeckers are not absorbing shocks in the skull during pecking, and they likely aren't being concussed by using their heads like hammers.


Here's the report published in Current Biology


Say what?

Apparently when a woodpecker's beak makes contact with a tree it generates a shock. The researchers say that the shock is basically absorbed by the bird's whole body in layman's terms.

The researchers came up with a computational model based upon the pecking movement and skull shape and size to prove their theory. 

But there's still questions about woodpeckers that scientists want to know about like how it maintains stiffness between its skull and its beak during pecking and what other factors may be involved that could mitigate possible damage to the brain.

All of this is fascinating... I suppose.

I certainly don't see this knowledge of why woodpeckers don't get hurt when they smash their beaks into wood saving mankind.

I hate being a party-pecker pooper, but there's way too many studies on dumb shit like this and not enough on global warming or curing cancer, two of the biggest threats to mankind.

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