Sunday, July 24, 2022

American Horror Story: The Crawling Lie: MAGA's Monster

We're living an American horror story that eclipses the 1958 science fiction drama The Crawling Eye (also released as the Trollenberg Terror) that left audiences screeching in fear.

There's the United States of America, and there's a MAGA "Merika."

One built upon verifiable history and facts, the other on lies perpetrated by a horrific megalomaniac who can't admit he lost the 2020 election.

What is the world to think about the Crawling Lie/ aka The Big Lie that millions of Americans believe in? 

It's got to be a shock to see and hear how many crazy people have infiltered our federal government and state governments.

Truth is a casualty in America. It's a concept so foreign to Trump minions that they scream in its mere presence.

Blood has been shed in the name of Trump. His enablers tried to help him overthrow the election with a coup attempt that left people dead and wounded. 

Trump's attempts failed... the first time. The fear of a second time terrifies people as the Crawling Lie continues to poison weak minds.


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