Tuesday, July 26, 2022

It's Plain to See: Trump's Not Going to Make a Comeback in 2024

Some people really think Trump is going to get re-elected in 2024. They're going to be disappointed.


Let's think about it. The majority of Americans are now aware of how hard Trump tried to overturn a fair election thanks to the Jan. 6 Select Committee's series of eight nationally televised hearings. The effects from all the negative revelations will show up at the ballot boxes this midterm election cycle.

The fact that the Jan. 6 committee plans on holding future hearings in September will refresh voters about Trump's attempt to cripple our democratic republic.

The Department of Justice may appear to be crawling along with their investigation of the coup attempt but there have been signs their homing in Trump's inner circle and on him.


Legal experts are predicting that Trump's first criminal indictment will be for election interference in Fulton County Georgia. The DA, Fani Willis, is moving swiftly with a grand jury sending out subpoenas to local GOP officials and senators like Lindsey Graham. Her case is narrow and has a smoking gun - an audio of Trump trying to get Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to change the vote count to favor him.


Trumps dance card of court cases in New York are rapidly advancing starting with this week which is the tentative date for the (1 case) protestor trial (Trump's bodyguard beating up a protestor at his urging) where Trump is going to be the star witness. His onetime fixer turned critic Michael Cohen is the star witness against him.

August 3rd is the day for depositions to begin behind the scenes in the (2nd case) writer E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit against Trump in Manhattan. She accused Trump of raping her and saved a dress with DNA on it. Trump is going to have to give a sample of his DNA at some point.

Two related investigations (3rd and 4th cases) by New York State and City officials are currently being carried out to determine whether the Trump Organization has committed financial fraud. One is a criminal case being conducted by the Manhattan district attorney and the other is a civil case being conducted by the New York Attorney General.

After taking in consideration the above listed challenges facing Trump the odds are against him dodging all of the charges. That's evident. We can also take into account other reasons why Trump won't be running for re-election in November.

For instance, who's to say his health will hold up to be able to physically run for office?

Chances are he'll be charged for more crimes in the future as both state and federal investigations progress.

Rupert Murdoch has thrown Trump under the bus! Fox News is no longer singing his praise. Both of Murdoch's newspapers - The New York Post and the Wall Street Journal ran editorials attacking him and saying he's unfit to ever hold office again. Trump's going to feel the pain without Murdoch's help.

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I'm going to stop here. I could go on, but I don't think it's necessary. It's plain to see Trump will never regain the presidency.

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