Wednesday, July 27, 2022

New Heights of Hypocrisy in GOP Hastens Race to the Bottom

Lies alone are not enough to prove MAGA credentials these days as feats of absolute hypocrisy have become the latest measure of being a Trump supporter.

Thus far the leading Republican hypocrite in the news is Rep. Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania. 

A mere three days after voting against federal protections for same-sex marriage Thompson attended his gay son's wedding. A press secretary for Thompson confirmed to NBC News that he was there and thrilled to celebrate his son's "new chapter in his life."

Yes, it's blatant and Thompson doesn't give a damn. He was part of a group of 157 House Republicans that didn't want to codify marriage rights because it wasn't the Way of MAGA Morons

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest those 157 naysayers have an LGBTQ+ person in their family, or in their circle of friends. My question is how do they reconcile their obvious hypocrisy?

With the marriage protection bill headed to the Senate the American people will see which of the 50 Republican senators are against it and can judge them accordingly at the ballot box during the midterms.

In Trump world lately there's been a frantic race to the bottom of the barrel where truth goes to die, and everyone promotes the Big Lie.

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