Monday, November 18, 2019

Where Has "The Base" Gone? Trump Rallies Not Helping GOP Candidates

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At one time, not so long ago, Trump rallies were seen as the best way to motivate his base to vote for him. or one of his cronies.

If that was true once, it's no longer the case now.

In the last month Trump has thrown his considerable bulk around trying to save GOP governors. The most recent example of Trump's waning influence took place in Louisiana when Trump extorted his minions at a rally to vote for Eddie Rispone for Governor.

He told his eager followers that Democrats were all "crazy...crazy." Then in a moment of rare truth he begged them, " you gotta give me a big win, please. Ok?Ok?!"

Despite Pence calling Conservative talk-in shows all around the Bayou State, and Trump's recorded robocalls in addition to money from the RNC, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards kept his office in the deep red state.

This political defeat was a referendum of Trump's pulling power. He may have a raucous following at rallies, but either they're not turning out at the polls, or their numbers are dwindling.

A week before his defeat in Louisiana, an incumbent Republican governor, Matt Bevins, lost to a Democratic challenger.

On election eve Trump who carried the state of Kentucky by 30 points in 2016, held a rally of support for Bevins. 

Just like he later claimed in Louisiana, "Democrats are all insane!" He want on to rant, "They want to indoctrinate your children - you know this. Destroy anyone who holds traditional American values." 

Amid the cheers he grew serious. "Listen it sends a really bad message if Bevins doesn't win. You can't let that happen to me," he pleaded.

In last year's midterms elections there was a "Blue wave" that overtook Trump's best efforts to slow it down. What does this all mean?

Trump has never been popular. He lost the popular vote. If it wasn't for Russian interference and the dirty tricks Trump's supporters used, he would have been just another footnote in history.

Every poll shows Trump "under water" when it come to national approval ratings. It's obvious Trump's corruption is finally catching up to him. It's also obvious he's going to be impeached.

Whether he's kicked out of office on his fat lying ass, or if he runs for re-election in 2020, Trump is going to be carrying more baggage than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

When Trump finally got rid of all the adults in his cabinet and administration, he sealed his own political fate. His unrestrained tweet tantrums have become articles of impeachment.

His GOP supporters in the House and the Senate are finding it harder to defend his infantile and vicious language. Sixteen House Republicans are retiring after an exodus of over 30 members during the midterms.

There's 19 GOP senators who hope to be re-elected in 2020. They're going to have to listen closely to their constituents who are increasing becoming disgusted with Trump. 

The fact that Trump is showing more vulnerability daily isn't exactly encouraging for GOP lawmakers. If he can't keep them in line by bullying them with the threat of his base... it's over.

Trump will be confined to history's dump!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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