Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How Politics and Trump Are Stealing the Holidays!

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Good grief! Charlie Brown!

What happened to Thanksgiving this year?

Instead of a time of family traditions and gathering to give thanks for various things in our lives, Americans are too angry to even be civil to one another in this era of Trump.

The division between family members who support Trump and those that hate him is a raw reminder of where we're at in this country.

Quick example: It's been a public tradition since Harry Truman made it a ritual in 1947, to pardon a turkey. It's always been a lighthearted event without political overtones.

Trump warped that tradition yesterday when he went off script and mocked Democrat Adam Schiff who is leading the impeachment inquiry against him.

Trump put everyone on notice as he pulled polarizing politics into the ceremony meant to provide holiday cheer, that there were going to be more political rants in the days and weeks ahead during the holiday season.

To emphasize that, he waddled off to a campaign rally in Florida, his newly adopted lair, claiming New York was mean to him. 

Don't be surprised if impeachment is all he babbles about while attending holiday events, between now, and Christmas.

The rest of the story on the turkey tradition...

It goes back before Truman took it public. Abraham Lincoln's son Tad was said to be so close to a turkey destined to be Christmas dinner that the president took pity on it and spared the turkey from suffering it's culinary fate by giving it a reprieve.

I hope Trump and politics don't ruin your holiday season - Happy Thanksgiving!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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