Thursday, July 20, 2017

John Birch Society Making a Comeback in Texas Thanks To Trumpism

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Much to my surprise, and disgust,the John Birch Society still exists. 

It's members have been dwelling under rocks waiting impatiently for a chance to re-emerge and spread their message of hate to a new generation.

That day has come.

In my day, back in the 50s and 60s, The John Birch Society took advantage of the Cold War to spread hate under the guise of patriotism.

Sound familiar?

In the last few years the John Birch Society has experienced a resurrection in Texas, the new epicenter for the group.

Gone is the organization’s past obsession with ending the supposed communist plots to achieve mind-control through water fluoridation. 

What remains is a hodgepodge of isolationist, religious and right-wing goals that vary from concrete to abstract, from legitimate to conspiracy minded—goals that don’t look so different from the ideology coming out of the White House

Here's an interesting irony:

The John Birch Society once thrived pushing the idea of Soviet infiltration in the U.S. government. 

Now, it wants to stop the investigation into Russia's 2016 election meddling and possible collusion with Trump's campaign.

Once considered a group of extreme loonies, the Birchers have found a new supporter in Trump, and his wacky administration. 

Even the Republican Party, once considered mortal enemies of the Birchers, are now considered an ally. How times change.

Texas Gov. Abbott distrusts the federal government. Period. He's the same clown that when serving as a Texas attorney general, filed numerous frivolous lawsuits against the Obama administration.

But, Gov. Abbott, is really famous for a stunt that thrilled the Birchers back in 2015.

Some Texans feared that a U.S. military training exercise called “Jade Helm 15was a covert attempt by the federal government to invade the state, seize Texans’ guns, and imprison conservative citizens in abandoned Wal-Marts, Abbott deployed the Texas State Guard to monitor the U.S. military.

A Bircher-friendly move if I ever saw one. 

It's no wonder the John Birch Society is so optimistic these days, they have an ally in Texas, and the White House.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When Is Trump Going to Dump Melania for Ann Coulter?

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It would be a match made in hell.

Imagine that Trump got tired of Melania slapping his hand away every time he tried to hold it, and divorced her?

It would be number four, but Ann Coulter would really be his ideal partner. They both thrive on insulting people. They both love to tweet their inner frustrations and imagined victories. They both lie at the drop of a dime.

Coulter's latest rant...

...went late into Sunday night. She fired off a salvo of 32 combative tweets (not including re-tweets) at Delta Airlines because they made her move from her paid-for seat with extra room, to another seat, on a flight from New York City to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Coulter’s tweets were filled with insults to the airline’s flight attendants, employee screening and training, WiFi, even the woman who was assigned to Coulter’s original seat — she called her a "dachshund-legged" woman in one tweet.

After sustaining the barrage for more than 24 hours, the airline responded Sunday night.
We are sorry that the customer did not receive the seat she reserved and paid for,” Delta said in a statement posted to its website. “More importantly, we are disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media.
“Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable.”
But Trump would have been proud if that was his woman. It's easy to see how much these two have in common. Their both rude and crude.
There was a scene out of the movie "Deliverance"  where a man starts dueling an Appalachian boy with his banjo. One plays for a moment, then the other responds. Great scene.
In a bizarre update, I can see Trump and Coulter dueling on twitter - each playfully insulting the other one and anyone else who dares to chime in.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Now This Is Entertainment: Hypocrite-In-Chief Launches 'Made in America' Campaign

Hypocrites get offended by the truth.” 
 Jess C. Scott

Good Day World!

I've always tried to buy products made in America.

Sometimes it isn't easy, especially when it comes to tennis shoes.

When I heard that our Hypocrite-In-Chief was launching a "Made in America" messaging campaign I laughed so hard my false teeth rattled!

Trump wants Americans to buy stuff made here, but that message is somewhat murky when you consider that his daughter Ivanka's whole fashion line is made in China, and that Trump himself has 89 patents for products to be made in China.

Double standard? Obviously.

In the next three weeks Trump will be staging dog-and-pony shows looking for good optics. Understandable when you consider recent White House optics. 

This week will feature products made in the good old USA.

Next week is "America Heroes" week that is expected to focus on American jobs.

And the third week will be devoted to the "American Dream" according to a White House official.

Trump's first dog-and-pony show is happening today. He's looking at locally made products displayed on the South Lawn of the White House.

This whole campaign will underscore Trump's plan to reform the tax code. Now there's a scary thought.

Who do you think will benefit the most by a revised tax code? Trump's billionaire buddies without a doubt. 

Despite repeated requests, Trump won't talk about his product patents in China, or Ivanka's clothes and shoes produced there in sweat shops.

In a feeble attempt to divert from the Russian collusion scandal - which is really heating up with Donny Jr.s special meeting with the Russians - Trump is hoping to get people's minds on another subject.

Good luck. Trump's dog-and-pony shows don't stand a chance against the constant flow of information about his cronies colluding with the Russians during the that's entertainment!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sin Eaters in the White House Attempt To Absolve Trump's Actions

Good Day World!

They use to be called White House spokespeople. 

Their job was to share what the president was doing, and any of his future plans.

The National White House Press corp covered these briefings because it was a way to dig deeper into a story, or to clarify the administration's stance on a particular topic.

That all ended with the Trump regime.

Our prolific Liar-In-Chief needed more than just spokespersons, he needed "Sin-Eaters" to handle his arch enemy, the free press.

For the record, a sin-eater is a person who consumes a ritual meal in order to magically take on the sins of a person or household.

Traditionally, the food was believed to absorb the sins of a recently deceased person, thus absolving that person's soul. Consequently, sin-eaters supposedly carried the sins of all people whose sins they "ate."

Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have not only been eating crow for Trump, they're absolving his sins by stonewalling the press, and just outright lying.

It's a unique position. A person has to be ready to shed all their dignity, tell lies without blinking, and repeat anything Trump says, claiming it as gospel.

All in an attempt to shield his Orangeness from himself.

Wow. It's got to be the worst job in the world.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

It's Early In The Game But Trump Calls in Ty Cobb

Good Day World!

It's early in the game but Donald Trump brings in his secret weapon...Ty Cobb.

(Photo - Trump's latest lawyer: Ty Cobb)

In a fairness, it should be noted that Trump has not hired the base-stealing legend reverently referred to as The Georgia Peach...aka Ty Cobb. 

He died in 1961. 

But Trump did manage to find a descendant of Ty Cobb, who happens to be a highly regarded lawyer, to rally his campaign team against accusations of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. 

According to Bloomberg, the younger Cobb was brought to the White House to, "enforce discipline in the White House regarding Russian matters."

I admit, I'll be watching with a sense of disgust and morbid amusement as Ty Cobb goes to bat for the biggest liar to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Here's a thought; do you suppose he's doing it - defending Trump - to become famous? After all, who ever heard of him outside stuffy court rooms?

Ty Cobb the lawyer. Not too much ring to that, is there? He needed to do something that would make people remember him. 

Like help Trump steal the 2016 election.

One caveat; there's a difference between famous and infamous.

The George Peach is probably rolling over in his grave!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Resistance Report: Trump's Voter Commission Trashed By ALL 50 States

"Curses! Foiled again!" - Synidly Whiplash

Good Day World!

Trump and his minions have backed off from their extraordinary attempt to gather voters’ personal information, following a barrage of legal challenges, an outcry from state officials, and a rash of voter registration cancellations by people concerned about their privacy.

The response to Trump puppet, Kris Kobach's attempt to gather personal information on American voters has been six lawsuits and a universal outcry of "foul!" among the 50 states.

Koback sent a letter out on June 28th asking state officials to provide names of the country's 150 million voters. In addition, the letter sought voters’ addresses, social security numbers, voting histories, party affiliation, criminal histories, military status, and more.

Not one state – not even Kansas, where Kobach is secretary of state and in charge of elections – has agreed to comply fully with the request. 

Maryland’s attorney general, Brian Frosh, called the request “repugnant”. “It appears designed only to intimidate voters,” he wrote, “and to indulge President Trump’s fantasy that he won the popular vote.”

In other cases, voters said straight out they did not trust the presidential commission. One North Carolina voter said it “smells funny.

Once against, resistance to Trump's draconian orders has prevailed. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last. It's a testament to the American people that they are not going to go quietly into the dark during the Era of Trump.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trumpism vs The Environment: Which is More Important To Americans?

Good Day World!

Trump's primary goal is to destroy everything President Obama did for this country.

That includes the protections instituted for the environment we live in.

Trump put his sock puppet,Scott Pruitt, in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with instructions to reverse clean air and water regulations - a move akin to putting a fox in charge of the hen-house.

Former EPA administrator (under George W. Bush) and Republican, Christine Todd Whitman, recently told the press, "I've been very concerned by what I've seen - this is about people's health. They are undermining science and people’s respect for science. They don’t seem to care.”

The Good News:

The limitations of Trump’s power to reset U.S. climate policy has been on full display over the last few days in Washington. 

White House plans to scrap restrictions on the release of a potent greenhouse gas are getting stymied by the courts, by forceful public opposition and even by Republicans in Congress.

Some In Corporate America Push Back On Trump's Climate Regulations Roll Back

Green Groups Vow War Over Trump's Climate Rollback

In The Face Of Trump Environment Rollback, California Stands In Defiance 

The resistance is real. Americans aren't going to idly stand by as Trump and his minions try to destroy our environment.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump's Cronyism Contributes To Chaos in the White House

Good Day World!

I'm waiting for Trump to appoint his 10-year-old son Barron to a government position.

Why not?

He's managed to find key power positions for those family members that can stomach working for him.

Democrats cry "cronyism." Republicans swallow their dignities and claim whatever the president wants to do is legal... that there are no laws that can be used against their orange-faced master.

How many family members did President Obama appoint to key positions in the government?

The answer is zero. Nada. None. Instead he picked qualified candidates that knew what they were doing. That concept never entered Trump's skull.

So blatant cronyism crept into the White House amid the chaos, the Russian hacking scandal, and no game plan on what to do in Afghanistan.

Watching Ivanka Trump sit down with world leaders - in Daddy's place at the G-20 Summit - showed the world that America was no different than a Banana Republic when it comes to dictators elevating their families into positions of power.

The only thing Ivanka knew about the topic of African Migration and Health was that she (actually the U.S. government came up with the $50 million donation thanks to Daddy) and the World Bank had come up with a fund to finance women entrepreneurs in poor countries.

Maxine Waters, a Democratic congresswoman from California, told MSNBC: 
It does not make good sense. Here you have the president of the United States at the G-20, representing us as the leader of the free world, and so he’s going to play politics and give his daughter a chance to have a place in the sun and to be seen at a very important meeting that she knows nothing about."
It makes sense to Trump however. In his mind he wasn't elected President, as much as a dictator who can condone cronyism when it comes to his family and friends.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Did You Know That The VA Tortures Dogs? They Do, and it Needs To Stop!

Good Day World!

I couldn't believe it.

According to news reports and ongoing investigations by the non-profit White Coat Waste Project, four 

(Photo: A seven-year-old male hound-mix identified only as “339623” who has been confined in one of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs labs since 2011.)

Veterans Administration (VA) facilities have been spending taxpayers’ money on what can only be described as torturing dogs in laboratories.

When I read Dylan Miller's (a retired Army Sergeant) article
about how the VA has been  abusing and killing dogs in nightmarish experiments, I almost threw up!

I had no idea that dogs were used in cruel experiments like this in America.


*** At the McGuire VA Medical Center (VAMC) in Richmond, Virginia, experimenters are inducing heart attacks and other cardiac ailments in more than 100 puppies and forcing them to run on treadmills to stress their hearts, after which they’re killed.

*** At the Zablocki VAMC in Milwaukee, experimenters are planning to drill holes into 150 beagle puppies’ skulls and cut into their brains.

*** The Stokes VAMC in Cleveland spent more than $23,000 of taxpayers’ money since 2016 to purchase dogs for experiments in which their spinal cords will be intentionally damaged.

*** And, until recently, for more than 20 years the Los Angeles VA was operating a secretive facility that bred dobermans to suffer from narcolepsy, injected them with methamphetamines and in some cases killed and dissected them.

Thanks to a brave whistleblowermembers of Congress and pressure from the White Coat Waste Project, the Los Angeles VA has announced its discontinuing these experiments and closing the breeding program.

Thankfully, this is an issue that’s uniting Republicans and Democrats to take bipartisan action.

If you're shocked by this display of cruelty to man's best friend I urge you to to contact VA Secretary David Shulkin to end this abuse.

Sgt. Miller has started a petition that you can sign to make your voice heard. After all, taxpayers like us are the ones footing the bill for the VA’s deadly dog experiments.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Who Do You Believe? Putin or Trump's Account Of What Was Said at Their G-20 Tete-a-Tete?

Good Day World!

Two stories.

One true, the other a lie.

Which story should be believed?

Putin's take on the G-20 Summit meeting between the two men was that Donny believed every word he said.

Trump's version is he put Putin in his place while asking hard questions about election meddling in last year's presidential elections.

Let's see...

Putin hates America. Putin has been our enemy for the past 18 years. It's no secret that he's been directing a cyber war against Americans, and the U.S. infrastructure.

American intelligence agencies said there was no doubt Putin helped Donny get elected.

So, should we believe Putin's version about Donny accepting his word about not hacking the election?


Should we accept the word of the most prolific liar ever to sit in the Oval Office?

Just last week Trump lied about what was said between him and the President of Romania.

Trump hosted a relatively brief press conference at the White House with Romania’s Klaus Iohannis, and the two presidents were asked if they discussed the visa waiver program for Romania.

Trump quickly responded, “We didn’t discuss it. We didn’t discuss it.”

A couple of seconds later, Iohannis, who has his own domestic politics to consider, said the opposite, telling reporters that they did discuss it: Iohannis brought up the issue during his White House meeting, Trump’s denial moments earlier notwithstanding.

In other words, the American president wasn’t telling the truth – which, when it comes to Trump, is a familiar problem.

The Washington Post, for example, reported the other day on a sworn deposition Trump gave in 2007, when he was confronted with a series of public falsehoods:

"For two straight days, Trump was asked question after question that touched on the same theme: Trump’s honesty.

The lawyers confronted the mogul with his past statements — and with his company’s internal documents, which often showed those statements had been incorrect or invented.

The lawyers were relentless. Trump, the bigger-than-life mogul, was vulnerable — cornered, out-prepared and under oath.

They caught him lying 30 times! Trump had misstated sales at his condo buildings. Inflated the price of membership at one of his golf clubs. Overstated the depth of his past debts and the number of his employees.

That deposition — 170 transcribed pages — offers extraordinary insights into Trump’s relationship with the truth. Trump’s falsehoods were unstrategic — needless, highly specific, easy to disprove. 

When caught, Trump sometimes blamed others for the error or explained that the untrue thing really was true, in his mind, because he saw the situation more positively than others did."

Two different stories in the meeting between Putin and Trump. Two versions of fake news. Two people very comfortable with lying...

Who do you believe?

Related: McCain: Putin "Got Away" With Interference in U.S. Election 

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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