Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trumpism vs The Environment: Which is More Important To Americans?

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Trump's primary goal is to destroy everything President Obama did for this country.

That includes the protections instituted for the environment we live in.

Trump put his sock puppet,Scott Pruitt, in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with instructions to reverse clean air and water regulations - a move akin to putting a fox in charge of the hen-house.

Former EPA administrator (under George W. Bush) and Republican, Christine Todd Whitman, recently told the press, "I've been very concerned by what I've seen - this is about people's health. They are undermining science and people’s respect for science. They don’t seem to care.”

The Good News:

The limitations of Trump’s power to reset U.S. climate policy has been on full display over the last few days in Washington. 

White House plans to scrap restrictions on the release of a potent greenhouse gas are getting stymied by the courts, by forceful public opposition and even by Republicans in Congress.

Some In Corporate America Push Back On Trump's Climate Regulations Roll Back

Green Groups Vow War Over Trump's Climate Rollback

In The Face Of Trump Environment Rollback, California Stands In Defiance 

The resistance is real. Americans aren't going to idly stand by as Trump and his minions try to destroy our environment.

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