Tuesday, May 23, 2023

What a Difference 20 Years Make: Life Before Social Media

Two decades ago, there was no Facebook. 

Twitter didn't exist.

Truth Social and Breitbart were parasites growing in extremists fevered minds.

There was actually a time before Trump spread the "birthism" conspiracy to millions of Americans thanks to social media making it go viral in the heartland.

It was a bad time for cowardly bullies because they weren't able to anonymously threaten millions of people from their basements and caves.

It was the time before racist militias, anarchists, and hate groups could gather on Facebook and threaten democracy with impunity.

The arrival of social media has divided this country like nothing else in our history. It's provided platforms for traitors and haters of every stripe.

Please don't tell me about the good things social media does because its chafe in the wind compared to the harm it inflicts.

A recent CDC Advisory warned that 60% of teenage girls become depressed and suicidal after following online sites that had body shaming and bullying. All of our youth are at risk, according to the research.

It's a problem that can't be resolved overnight, or even in the near future for that matter. Parents strive to protect their children from the social media culture, but it's been a losing effort.

No one seems to have a coordinated national plan to stop the spread of misinformation that threatens our children and adults. Our society has been scorched by something that didn't exist a mere 20-years ago.

The rise of social media coincides with the advancement of hate groups and anarchists giving them the biggest platforms they've ever experienced in our history.

As it stands, as we all know there would have been no Trump without social media and right-wing platforms bolstered by online lies.

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