Monday, May 22, 2023

She's Back! Republicans Look at Restoring Hillary Clinton to #1 Boogeyman Status

Things aren't going too well for MAGA Republicans and they're getting desperate.

Despite their best efforts to make President Biden the main boogeyman he still beats Trump in polls for the 2024 presidential election.

After Special Counsel John Durham released his report one week ago MAGA world went wild with excitement...over a nothing burger.

The conclusion was the FBI should not have investigated the Trump campaign. Period. That was it. Without citing any real evidence MAGA world still took it as a victory and have praised the Durham report on right-wing media.

Then, in an unreal moment MAGA moron Gym Jordan went on Fox and told extremist Maria Bartiromo his committee is considering investigating Hillary Clinton.

Why bring back the GOP's biggest Congressional circus back after all these years?

The answer lies in MAGA's inability to produce any dirt on President Biden and desire to hold up a shining new object for the rabid MAGA base. They need fresh meat right now.

We're talking about 300 emails (none of them classified) that Clinton had on her computer. Compare that with hundreds of classified and top-secret files that Trump stole and kept at his beach resort in Florida.

Gym Jordan became a MAGA star when he conducted numerous "Benghazi" investigations against Clinton, wasting millions of taxpayer's dollars.  

Nothing came of the bogus investigations other than to give right-wing media fodder for years to come.

Now she's back!

This pitiful attempt to besmirch democrats is just another last-ditch effort to demonize their opponents and charge up their loathsome base.

As it stands, meanwhile real investigations against Trump are blooming like flowers in the spring.

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