Thursday, May 25, 2023

Today's Crap is Cancelled

To my regular readers and newcomers...

I'm canceling the day.

It's the thing to do now in America.

Everything is subject to being cancelled in our chaotic society. 

From brand names subject to political cancelling for sending out the wrong message, to Gov. Ron DeSantis's attack against Disneyland, America's theme park.

Dr. Martin Luther King's true messages have been cancelled by white supremist lawmakers and turned into a version of a fake history figure more pleasing to racists. Quotes without context are used to prove they're not really racist in an ironic twist that goes unappreciated by most.

Trump is cancelled.

MAGA is cancelled.

The House seditionist caucus is cancelled.

The gun lobby is cancelled. 

The Supreme Court is canceled.

Hate is cancelled.

Stupidity has been cancelled.

All conspiracies are cancelled.


I'm declaring today is Peace of Mind Day, where we overcome our many worries and challenges by focusing on the positives in our lives. 

We all have something good in our lives even though it might not feel like it at times. 

As it stands, you deserve a break today!

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