Sunday, January 22, 2023

Trump Plans Campaign Rally in South Carolina: Federal and State GOP Lawmakers Don't Plan on Attending

What if Trump threw a rally and no one came?

Not likely, but something equally embarrassing is brewing for Trump's first hate rally in a conservative state. South Carolina.

According to local press reports a wide assortment of GOP officials and powerbrokers in the state declined invitations to the Trumpian event. 

The fact of the matter is most Republicans are reluctant to pick a presidential candidate so early in the game. They realize a lot of bad things could happen to Trump between now and 2024. 

Blame is also laid at Trump's feet for recent party election losses that should never have happened according to conservative pundits.

The only big time Republican lawmaker, Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, who's decided to jump aboard the endorsement train is having difficulty rounding up key Republicans to stand with him.

Sometime this week Trump will be at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina reliving his grievances while grifting whatever supporters show up in the name of his flawed presidential campaign.

Political pundits also note that two of Trump's potential rivals come from South Carolina. Sen. Tim Scott and former Gov. Nikki Haley.

Other signs show that the state party chairman Drew McKissick will not be attending. He says he had a prior date at a RNC meeting in California. Okay.

And there's Rep. Ralph Norman (SC) who is a close friend of Trump's who said he couldn't attend the rally. Heck, even Hope Walker, executive director of the state party said she may not be able to attend.

Donny's rally will still be a circus as he can count on MAGA minions to attend the show. As for MAGA lawmakers and dealmakers they have better things to do.

As it stands, I must say to their credit those Republicans realize it's time to dump Trump and put in a real contender for the presidency.

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