Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Pence Joins Document Scandal with Classified Papers in His Home

Oh my, oh my!

What a difference a day makes when it comes to the latest Washington scandal about classified documents being found in a current - and former - president and vice presidents' residences.

First came Trump, who refused to turn over the classified documents that he was hoarding over to the National Archives and the Department of Justice. His eight-month resistance resulted in possible obstruction of justice and other charges.

The next time it was President Biden who voluntarily turned over classified documents found in his residence. He's been cooperating with the DOJ and the Special Counsel's investigation since.

Then came Pence who is currently cooperating with authorities and probably embarrassed by the new revelations about what turned up in his house.

When the news broke yesterday that Pence had classified documents squirreled away in his home Democrats celebrated and Republicans headed for their basements and caves.

It was just last week ago when Pence told right-wing news outlets then he didn't have classified documents in his house and there was no good reason for anyone - especially Joe Biden - to have them.

Oops. Kinda like two weeks ago when Pence told a group of MAGA morons that Biden purposely concealed classified documents because what else could it have been?

What we know.

--This is one of the biggest shitshows in political history. Full stop. It looks like the investigations are going to go on for years.

--It's apparent that part of the blame for these missing classified documents lies with the National Archives. Their main mission is to protect those documents. So, what's going on?

If your bored and want to enter an alternative universe for a more entertaining coverage of the classified document scandals go straight to Fox News, Newsmax, or Infowars. You only thought the sky was blue. These folks will tell you differently.

Meanwhile your job is to sort through the bullshit the right-wing media is spewing by going to trusted news sources and not wasting your time with cable talking heads.

It helps to realize this is all political theatre and we're all a reluctant audience hoping democracy withstands so many challenges.

As it stands, the clock is ticking for Trump as an indictment for election interference in Georgia is "imminent" according to Georgia AG Fana Willis today.

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