Friday, October 14, 2022

Trump Must Be Indicted for All of His Crimes!

              Republicans just don't care.

About truth.

About justice.

About honor. 

About democracy. 

About accountability.

About women's rights.

About threatening election workers.

They're proving all of that and more during the midterm elections by fielding a cadre of election deniers.

The GOP is so desperate to take back the House and Senate that their backing candidates like Hershel Walker whose been caught lying so often he could give a master's course in it.

But the GOP doesn't care if he paid for an abortion, beat up his wife repeatedly and held a gun to her head. Their swallowing their own bile to win in order to regain power.

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There's no choice: Trump Must Be Indicted to Preserve Democracy!

There's no GOP agenda to make America a safe democracy. Their agenda is revenge and seeing to it we have a fascist state led by a former president and TV host.

Americans like me are worried about the consequences. We're a tense nation teetering on near panic at the thought of the GOP regaining power in Congress.

We can't trust the polls. They're useless. These are the midterm blues. There's a good chance we're on the highway to hell, however.

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The only hope - and I mean our ONLY hope - is a record turnout of democratic women and young voters. A blue wave. It could happen. It must happen.

It will happen if you care about our republic and vote! If you're not registered yet, do it now.

As it stands... please vote!

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