Monday, October 10, 2022

Liars Have Nothing to Be Ashamed About in the Trump Era

Liars throughout America were emancipated in 2016 when Trump slunk into the White House with the help of Russia.

Liars are mainstreamed now right alongside truth tellers. The liars network aka Trump and minions proudly tell lies and defy truthtellers who are overwhelmed trying to debunk them daily.

Once (was it really that long ago?) liars were scorned when exposed in public. Now lying is a basic credential for MAGA morons and their vile sidekicks QAnon idiots.

The Republican Party is a House of Lies. It's their own damn fault by allowing a cult to overwhelm real conservatives. Authorism has seeped into the once Republican agenda and turned the party into predators' intent on a destroying our democracy.

Maga morons are competitive heading into the midterms with hypocrisy and lies as standard political speeches spurring on like-minded fascists in their campaigns.

Think about it. Why would Republicans be ashamed for outright lying to gain power when it's working? "The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite," Tennessee Williams once said.

Liars' tactics start with making falsehoods appear to be the truth and ends with making truth itself appear like a falsehood. It's a simple and effective approach to lure the sheep into the cult. 

Here's a brilliant quote by Anne Applebaum, "Sometimes the point isn't to make people believe a lie - it's to make people fear the liar."

That's what we're seeing today. Trump's ability to scare the hell out of his devotees to do his bidding is being copied by the MAGA rats running for office and those already in power.

Liars are so respected in MAGA Land that they have a club - it's called Mar-a-Lago. Liars also make top dollar in the far-right media like Fox and Newsmax.

Once people hesitated to call out a person in a professional environment because they felt guilty for being suspicious. 

To some it was a frightening proposition at best. But now we can't afford to let the liars go unchallenged for the sake of the republic.

As it stands, it's impossible to lie every day and still have a conscience.

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