Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Halloween is a Bigly Con Job Fronted by Pumpkins

I'm not going to bore you with the history of Halloween.

Who really cares?

For reasons never clear to me pumpkins are the most common image associated with Halloween. Skeletons and witches are secondary symbols but the Great Pumpkin (watch Charlie Brown's quest to find the Great Pumpkin here) is a centerpiece for the holiday.

Halloween is a commercial rip off that began with a schoolteacher giving students candy and letting them dress up in odd clothing so the little rascals would have something to do on Halloween instead of vandalizing neighborhoods. As years went by kids went "Trick or Treating" ... and still vandalized neighborhoods.

When Halloween grew more popular over the years capitalists saw a great opportunity to make lots of money. 

Halloween grew into a major industry offering scary costumes, Jack-O-Lanterns (one of the pumpkins rolls) carved into hideous and hilarious faces, and mountains of candies from Sweet and Sour witches and skeletons to chocolate monsters. The holiday was a dream come true for the candy industry.

Try asking someone what Halloween is all about? I'm sure you'll be amused by the answers.

Check One

A. A way for corporations to make big money.

B. Candy

C. Pumpkins

D. An opportunity to dress up in weird costumes and roam neighborhoods seeking candy and trouble.

E. Parties where children and adults play stupid games in outlandish costumes.

F. I don't know, nor do I want to know. 

Halloween Tales & Traditions

An Irish myth about a man nicknamed "Stringy Jack" is believed to have led to the tradition of carving scary faces on pumpkins.

Here's a link for Halloween stories for 1st graders through 8th grade. If you ask adults, they say Halloween is for kids. Don't believe them! They lie.

Adults go out of their way to watch horror movies hoping that they'll scare the shit out of them! Adult-themed Halloween parties get more popular every year. Naughty nurses are a standard theme for women. The guys enjoy dressing up like Dracula sucking up alcohol instead of blood.

As it stands, the whole holiday is a national con job fronted by pumpkins for corporations who keep finding innovative ways to cash in on America's second biggest holiday of the year.

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