Monday, August 2, 2021

GOP Guide To Pushing Misinformation: Lies Equal Money

If someone wanted they could easily make a case that we've been living in an alternate America for the last five years.

Trump's short reign hit democracy like a tsunami, flooding facts with lies the size of whales. It provided hard-right extremist's with internet and cable platforms that sailed smoothly in a sea of falsehoods.

Most of all, Trump's Big Lie and ensuing lies are providing a steady stream of funds as false state audits cash in with the MAGA crowd. Just about any lie or outrageous claim is worth cash in TrumpLand.

People like GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are proving how effective lies and accusations are as she's raised one of the biggest war chests of contributions in the House.

Denying facts and evidence compiled after the Jan. 6 insurrection has been a lucrative outlet for Republican politicians who blithely ignored what really happened on that tragic day.

Republican politicians seek Trump's blessings by wrapping their arms around his lies like proud parents of a rabid hyena.  

And why not?

With a war chest of 100 million dollars from donors, Trump sets the standard for other corrupt minions to follow. Lies are golden for Republicans right now.

How long will the master puppeteer be able to perform, is a question worth an answer. Without the ability to foresee the future, I suspect the tide will turn if the people Trump is endorsing keep losing.

He's currently 0-1 with his Texas endorsement of Susan Wright who lost last week. 

Another test will be in Ohio tomorrow. Trump's endorsement of Mike Carey to represent Ohio's 15th Congressional District against against a field of other Republicans will give another clue to how effective Trump's strategy is.

It's possible that two defeats in two weeks will dull the golden goose's attraction. But the real test comes during next year's midterms.

Meanwhile the Republican party will continue to cash in on lies about the vaccine, the 2020 election, Hunter Biden, immigration, and the rest of Trump's assaults on our democracy.

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