Tuesday, November 30, 2021

GOP Doubling Down Against Vaccinations By Claiming the New Variant Was Invented By Democrats

Listen my children and you'll shall hear

How Republicans utilize fear

to debunk science and facts

with numerous circus acts

As the rest of the world responds to the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, Republicans are scrambling to blame Democrats for the arrival of the new mutation.

Clown Caucus House GOP members are claiming the Democrats invented Omicron. That's right. As stupid as this claim is, it'll be raw meat for Trump supporters and other low life extremists.

Fox is having fun mocking the new variant. It's really something to see the Good Morning Moron Crew casually joke about a new mutation of the deadly virus.

One Congressional wag (who isn't worth naming) commented that the Democrats came up with Omicron virus to help them out in the midterms. Like a deadly virus would be a selling point? Unbelievable.

What's happening is Republicans want to undermine Biden's vaccine efforts.

As Axios reported Monday morning, the concerted efforts to keep shots from going in arms have escalated in red states, with Republican politicians now openly bribing constituents not to get vaccinated.

"Republican officials around the country are testing a creative mechanism to build loyalty with unvaccinated Americans while undermining Biden administration mandates: unemployment benefits," the short piece explains.

"Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have changed their unemployment insurance rules to allow workers who are fired or quit over vaccine mandates to receive benefits," Axios stated in the report.

I can't help wondering how many Republicans/Trump minions are going to die to show their loyalty to the most corrupt president this country has ever seen?

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