Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Going Through the Motions: House Select Committee Approves Bannon's Contempt of Congress Report

Straight up.

I have my doubts about the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 holding anyone accountable for Trump's coup attempt. The chances of seeing people go to prison are about as much as a typhon tearing through Alaska. 

The House voted last tonight on holding Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for not responding to a subpoena. But don't expect Bannon to cooperate no matter what.

If forced to appear before the committee legal experts say Bannon will cite his 5th amendment rights and sit there like a content walrus.

Here's the thing that really frosts me; no matter what the committee finds the chances of persecuting offenders is nearly impossible.

Trump's minions have taken their cue from him and are tying things up in court with the expectation that time for justice will run out with endless appeals.

Let's be realistic about what's going to happen when the committee concludes its investigation. Nothing.

Republicans will continue to grovel before Trump and promote the Big Lie. No right-wing troll is going to change their mind because of a slew of facts gathered by Democrats. 

So why even have an investigation that's doomed to go nowhere?

The answer is simple; no matter what Congress can't ignore there was an insurrection attempt at the Capitol. 

What we'll witness in the days and weeks ahead will be a political drama that will further inflame both parties.

The committee will go through the motions to seek justice with little chance of achieving it.

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