Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Trump's Walk of Shame Exposed: DHS IG Blocked Probe on Lafayette Sq. Protest

When Trump decided to walk from the White House to stage a photo op at St. John's Episcopal church last June he set the stage for his own electoral defeat in November.

His walk of shame across Lafayette Square, accompanied by top cabinet members, fanned the flames of protestors nationwide.

And now we know Trump blocked an investigation into the role of the Secret Service in clearing Black Lives Matter from the square.

The coward who blocked the investigation, DHS IG Joseph Cuffari, refused to investigate the Secret Service's involvement because he didn't want to anger Trump.

Cuffari also blocked an investigation into whether the Secret Service had violated federal protocols aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus among employees.

House Homeland Security Chairman, Bennie Thompson, called on Cuffari to testify at a Congressional hearing today.

He has a lot to answer for, and not just the two investigations under way. Cuffari's reputation as a Trump enabler has been well documented.

Today's hearing will hopefully bring some accountability to the DHS IG office.

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