Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Memo To Republicans: Don't Assume Kissing Trump's Ring Will Get You Elected, or Re-Elected

It's a mystery to me how you Republicans still show fealty to a traitor and enemy of democracy.

Apparently most of you who are running for the first-time, or up for re-election in 2022, feel that by licking Trump's shoes you have a winning campaign strategy. 

I think you're all wrong.


By next year Trump could be behind bars. With serious court cases pending in New York and Georgia, Trump may find himself wearing his favorite color - orange. (It does match his face. Give him that.)

I just can't see your candidates holding virtual rallies from a prison. It defies the imagination. Trust me. It's a bad look.

What if he doesn't go to prison?

In the first place, he's going to be busy trying to stay out of jail well past 2022. It might be 2023-24 before Trump begins his tour of duty in the federal penal system.

In the second place, there's going to be a shit storm and you're going to panic as Trump is drug through the courts like a bad habit. His endorsement will be MORE TOXIC than every before.

Think how the press is going to play up the drama of a sociopath finally facing justice? It might not look good holding his tiny hands. 

What You Republicans need to do is to gather together your warring factions and count how many of your collogues - and other conservatives - have been tossed under the bus by the mercurial Trump in the last four years?

Once you evaluate the facts you might feel foolish enough to continue worshiping his Orangeness, or you may have an epiphany and deny his deity. In which case, you could turn to taking care of your constituents, and not a hate monger.

This gentle warning comes with the hope that there is still some sanity in what use to be the Party of Lincoln. 

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