Thursday, February 11, 2021

Senate Republicans Are Stuck

What does the man in the photo have in common with Senate Republicans?

Here's the situation; Senate Republicans are stuck.

When it comes to convicting Trump for his attempted coup they've super glued themselves into an uncomfortable corner.

With no chance for a "Road to Damascus" moment they are stuck in a quagmire of their own making.  

With the exception of the already established Trump puppets, Senate Republicans who wish they could vote to convict Trump are stuck. They have to acquit him because of their prior vote on the constitutionality of the trial before it even began.

Even though it's a sticky situation, one Republican senator has come out mid-trial (after viewing graphic films of the Capitol insurrection) and indicated he's changed his mind and will vote to convict.

Just one. The Lone Ranger among the hapless group of stuck Republicans, who are 'keeping their powder dry" in servile silence, apparently has a conscience. A rare attribute in Washington DC.

A quick true story

A Louisiana man glued a paper cup to his face yesterday in a bid to show the heavy-duty adhesive Gorilla Glue wasn't as sticky as a recent viral video claimed.

Asked why he did such an idiotic thing the man said, "I thought I could lick it off, kind of moisten it and pull it right off, but that didn't work though." 

The comparison

The Senate Republicans who voted that the trial was unconstitutional are stuck with that procedural dodge to avoid Trump's wrath.

The man with the cup glued to his mug had it surgically removed in what doctors said was a "painful peeling process."

The lone Republican who dared break ranks is going to go through a painful political process pushed by Trump minions.


in both cases there will be healing.

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