Thursday, September 3, 2020

Dancing with Racists in Reality Show During Election Season

Pandemic Diary
Day 171

Dear Diary,

I suspect Trump's reality show presidency will define his regime for future generations of historians.

The con man who was boosted by his past Apprentice fans and every racist group in the country in 2016, has succeeded (up to a point) in dismantling our democracy through divisive rhetoric and ignoring laws.

There's a popular show on TV right now called "Dancing With the Stars," that suspends reality with so-called stars (more on that in a moment) dancing their fool heads off in over-the-top routines that bring big ratings to the show.

One of my favorite past competitors was Trump's former Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, who starred in a series of silly outfits last season. 

In the surreal scheme of things during Trump's presidency, Spicer's performances were just a blip on the radar when compared to the BIG LIE he told while still Trump's stooge. 

That was, of course, claiming Trump's inauguration was the biggest crowd ever to attend such an event... despite photos  that proved otherwise.

I don't know what this season's lineup is going to be. Nor do I care. Instead, I'd rather take a look at some Trump minions who should star in the popular show.
Couple Number One: Steven Mnuchin in a little boy's prep school outfit - shorts and monogramed jacket - and Matt Gaetz dressed up as an English Professor with a riding crop.

Couple Number Two: Mike Pence dressed up as a princess - with different veils for every night - and Betsy DeVoss in a black leather suit with openings in awkward places. 

Couple Number Three: Jim Jordan in brightly colored diapers and a pacifier necklace, doing the tango with Mitch McConnell in a roman toga that doesn't close in the back.

Couple Number Four: Stephen Miller wearing full Nazi regalia doing the foxtrot with Lindsey Graham in a German peasant girl's outfit with a braided blond wig.

Couple Number Five: Louis DeJoy as "Adam"  with only a different colored fig leaf on every night doing "The Twist"  with Ted Cruz in a red-white-and-blue sequined tutu.   

The reader will note I didn't add Trump to the list because he can barely walk upright like a human, let alone dance.

Quote for the Day: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." -Albert Einstein

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