Friday, September 4, 2020

It's Not About Issues: It's All About Trump

Pandemic Diary
Day 172

Dear Diary,

Trump's racist rhetoric, brazen lies about mail-in voting, and support of extreme right-wingers (QAnon for example) are daily occurrences now.

What started out as a mile-long race in the run for the presidency is coming into the home stretch with 60 days left until Americans can vote. 

The winner is either going to plunge the nation into further chaos and anarchy, or... democracy will prove stronger than an authoritarian government under a demented dictator.

The key to this race is NOT the economy, nor his leadership fighting COVID-19, nor his great track record of uniting the country. Forget about issues. 

Trump is gambling that he's convinced enough people in the last four years to believe every word he utters (with his limited vocabulary) that no amount of facts and evidence of his corruption will stop his followers from drinking toxic orange juice.

Political pundits pointed out that Trump's impeachment by the House, and the failed attempt to bring him to justice in the Senate, was a turning point in his vicious assault on the rule of law. As history will show he went on a revenge tour that continues to this day.

Because we're in the home stretch of this already history-making nasty-ass presidential campaign, the ante is going up with full throttle support coming from Putin to Trump. Russian websites attacking Joe Biden have already been taken down by Facebook, and FBI authorities warn there's more out there. 

Democrats biggest challenge is NOT addressing all the issues important to the majority of Americans - Biden's campaign is doing great with its all inclusive message calling for unity - it's exposing Trump's lies in real time.

His tweets (and retweets) have recently increased to nearly a hundred a day. Each one tells the tale of a desperate narcissist fearful of losing his ill-gained power in November.

The best way to put this presidential election into focus - how important it is - is to look at the real picture... which is Trump versus America.

Quote for the Day: "Within any important issue, there are always aspects no one wishes to discuss." -George Orwell

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