Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 141: Suffer The Children: Schools Opening Despite Outbreaks

Dear Diary,

The topic of children going back to school now is as hot as the blazing temperatures across the country, and Trump's temper tantrums against science and reality.

Because there's been so much mixed-messaging from the White House, the virus is running rampant. Trump and minions are insisting the whole country go back to school this fall, but school authorities are warning it's not yet safe to go back to in-school teaching everywhere. 


1. The area that the school district is in should have the spread contained before throwing the doors open to students.

2. There's numerous cautions that can be taken, from wearing face masks to social distancing and taking temperatures. But there has to be other factors taken into account in addition to those recommendations. For example busing.

3. Children can get the virus, although they aren't generally as seriously affected as adults. There has been exceptions however. Children are carriers, according to recent studies, that can bring the coronavirus home.

4.Most schools don't have the funding to pay for the additional money that would be needed to make schools safe.



Some are desperate for their children to go back to in-school teaching for a myriad of reasons. From children's mental health to an ideology that denies science.  

Still others are too concerned about their children's (and their own) safety to expose them to in-school teaching in the middle of a spreading pandemic.

The worst thing I see happening is the controversy the subject is causing. Instead of a unified and scientific national approach there's chaos. In our politically charged universe nothing is safe... not even children's lives!

Quote for the Day: "Children are our most valuable resource." -Herbert Hoover

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