Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 125: TRUMP UNHINGED

Dear Diary,

I'm even more pissed off today than yesterday about Trump's secret police.

It was a move Hitler would have approved of.

Using Custom's and Border Protection agents to harass civilians in Portland, Oregon crossed a red line. It was unconstitutional. It's unforgivable. It's un-American.

It's Trump unhinged with 105 days left until Americans can vote him out of office. 

One of my biggest concerns - other than voter suppression and compromised voting machines - is what Trump will do with these final days before judgement is handed down by a majority of Americans?

He's physically and mentally deteriorating every passing day. Between hawking Goya food products for a supporter (behind the Resolute Desk), and ranting for an hour in the Rose Garden about everything from dishwashers to deregulation, the signs are clear... he's losing control.

Trump's lost the battle with the coronavirus and he knows it. No matter how many lies he's told about the pandemic they keep getting slapped down by reality daily.

His empty rhetoric means little to concerned parents who distrust Trump's eagerness to resume full school classes nationally without proper guidance from health experts.

Trump's niece Mary, whose book about him is currently a Best Seller on Amazon, has been interviewed several times now. Her warning that Trump WILL get worse haunts me. She knows the bastard.

Many others - among them 200 American psychiatrists who published a journal report on his mental health last year - have been sounding the alarm about Trump's mental capacity.

Another troubling aspect about stopping Trump from further depredations on our society is there's no hope of using the 25th Amendment, because his cabinet and Pence wouldn't even consider it.

It's enough to give a person nightmares.

But, I can't give up. I have to believe there's enough good people left to stop Trump from sacking every societal norm, and looting taxpayers money from the Treasury Department. Or, enough patriots still in the Pentagon to stop him from murdering American civilians by using our military forces like Hitler's Gestapo.

Quote for the Day; "The problem with educating stupid people was that they didn't know they were stupid. The same went for the crazy people." -Chuck Palahniuk

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Woody said...

Terrifyingly spot-on, Dave...

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