Monday, July 13, 2020

Pandemic Diary, Day 119: Whining About the Coronavirus? Get in Line!

Dear Diary,

It's Monday, and I'm tired of seeing the coronavirus get worse every time I wake up. 

If there was a place to get off this ride, I would. Unfortunately there's no choice but to sit during this roller coaster approach to fighting a deadly global pandemic.

I wish Trump was right when he said the coronavirus would magically go away. I'll take magic if it works. I'm getting discouraged waiting for reality to bail us out. 

With no leadership to guide the country, we're experiencing a circus of horrors that has already killed over 135,000 Americans and infected another 3.2 million.

Plainly put, America is doing the worst job of coping with the virus than any other country in the world! That's a fact. We're a leader in all the wrong measures taken to combat COVID-19.

With no end in sight, my whining about the invisible killer among us is nothing more than a coyote howling at the full moon. I'm fully aware there are a lot of other unhappy coyotes like me wailing out there across the country.

Until this country gets it shit together, the whining, howling, and wailing will go on amidst endless funeral processions. 

                 On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon 

There's good news for local high school students who'll now have the chance to gain private pilot licenses without charge through a collaboration with a local air education nonprofit and two charter schools.

Students at Crater Lake Charter Academy and REACH Charter School will participate in the program with funding support from Southern Oregon Air Academy.

This is the first year students in both Jackson and Josephine Counties, have access to this two-year-old project. 

Quote for the Day; "You know you're winning when You are not whining. You're simply shining!" - Ana Claudia Antunes

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