Sunday, July 12, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 118: America is on Edge of a Precipice

Dear Diary,

It's pretty damn hard to witness what's happening to the country right now. 

Watching the coronavirus creep from coast-to-coast like a conquering army of invisible warriors is unsettling to say the least.

I don't need experts to see this pandemic, coupled with the most corrupt and divisive president in American history, is a challenge unlike anything our nation has ever faced. 

Our founders would be shocked to see how corrupt the administration and the commander-in-chief are. They never anticipated a lawless authoritarian rule that would trample on the Constitution they had so proudly forged.

No sugar-coating it... these are real bad times in America and across the world. It's never felt so apocalyptical in my 70 years on this earth.

Every other country on the planet has been able to get some control over the coronavirus because they understood simple things - like how wearing masks save lives and the importance of social-distancing.

It's embarrassing to know the United States is doing the worst job of fighting COVID-19 in the world. It doesn't get any worse than that. Everyone knows why we're in the bad place.

The Trump regime doesn't believe in science, and have been straying further and further away from our best scientists advise in favor of re-opening everything because it would make Trump look good to his base.

That's where we all stand. On the edge of a cliff. A precipice so deep we can't see the bottom right now. We're a country without a true leader in the biggest crisis to ever challenge our republic.

I know how we got here. I also know how we can change course. Register to vote if you're not already registered. By voting for Joe Biden in November the country can still turn from the disastrous course Trump has set us on. 

                 On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
The cases of coronavirus are growing exponentially and Oregon is not testing anywhere near where they should be.

It's getting personal...
One of the many reasons I know the state is in need of testing, is that the supplies associated with testing are running low.

I have a son in the hospital in isolation at a local hospital, and they haven't been able to get COVID results back yet on him because the labs are out of "re-agenting" materials. 

I can tell you, as a parent, waiting is scary as hell! Frankly, I'm mad as hell that the state is already becoming overwhelmed when the worst to come is happening at the end of this month, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Quote for the Day; "I don't know if we're on the edge of the precipice, but we're in a very, very, very difficult situation." -Luis de Guindos

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