Friday, January 17, 2020

What Will They Say? Future White House Historians Studying the Trump Era

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Someday, White House historians are going to look back at the Trump era, and cross themselves!

They'll compare it to the Dark Ages in Europe where monarchs ruled and the common man was at the mercy of the king.

They'll examine the mountain of lies Trump spewed while fouling the Oval Office with his corpulent body.

They'll marvel at how much corruption Trump got away with in a short span of time.

They'll chart how Trump's foreign relations were all failures, and how he almost launched World War III in the Middle East trying to divert attention from his senate impeachment trial.

They'll shake their heads with wonder when they check out his Twitter account and how he went after world leaders to just common Americans, like a rabid badger. 

They'll try to decipher Trump's handwriting, but will be unable to.

They'll pour over numerous charts and graphics that were presented to Trump during briefings to keep his attention as he did not read, and lost focus listening to someone else read. 

They'll also have the original Weather Chart graphic where Trump infamously took a black marker to it, and claimed Alabama was in the path of a hurricane (that was actually going in the opposite direction).

They'll have a compilation of Trump quotes from "I know the best words," to "I'm the chosen one."


Because, I don't know if Trump is going to be indicted by the senate for high crimes and obstruction of justice, or if he's going to lose the 2020 election, I cannot complete how historians will record his exit from office.

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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