Sunday, January 12, 2020

One Lie Too Many? Did Trump's Latest Falsehood Cross a Line?

Good Day World!

The president of the United States lies every day.

It's no secret at home, or abroad

Trump is the most prolific liar of the 20th, and 21st century. And he's getting away with it... up to a point.

He's earned his place in history by being impeached for lying about holding our ally, the Ukraine, hostage to achieve his political ends. But that didn't cure his lying ways. If anything he's doubled down.

Why? Because he can. He's confident that Senate Republicans will acquit him for abusing his power because they fear him, and his supporters.

Bringing America to the edge of a war with Iran with his dangerous lies about an imminent threat shows how deadly Trump's lies have become after three years.

He lied to Congress, and he lied to the House about why he ordered the drone strike that killed Iran's #2 leader. 

Apparently he crossed a red line with some Republicans in the House and Senate who are now asking for a real accounting of what led to the strike.

Trump's minions, from Pompeo to Pence, have been trying to paint a false picture of making America safer by assassinating Iran's top general who supposedly was about to attack at any moment.

The changing narratives from Trump and his cronies is muddying this attempt to coverup the truth under the guise of patriotism and leadership.

I have a hunch this latest lie about the reason he ordered the assassination of a foreign leader, is not going to go away soon. It'll hover over Trump's Senate trial like a pesky fly.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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