Thursday, January 16, 2020

Another Trump Coverup: Americans Want Answers Now, Not in Weeks!

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While covering up the Ukraine scandal, Trump is also busy covering up another scandal/crisis that has set the Middle East on a war standing.

Trump's enablers in government abruptly - and with no excuse - canceled three classified congressional briefings yesterday that were related to the ongoing Iran crisis.

Today, The Pentagon scrapped a classified briefing on Iran for the House Armed Services Committee. Congress was informed that it would get briefings in the coming weeks.

Weeks! That's crazy! The balance of power in the Middle East has shifted. Americans are in danger. The public deserves to know why.

I think it's plain to see what's happening. Trump put out the word to stonewall congress - it's become a habit - about his bullshit reason for nearly starting World War III.

Now congressional lawmakers are going to have to fight tooth-and-nail just to schedule a hearing on what should be a HIGH PRIORITY issue. Who knows what he'll do next?

It's clear Trump and his puppets are lying about why he suddenly assassinated Iran's #2 leader. The changing stories coming from The Defense Department, The Pentagon, and The White House, point to a cover up.

At first, Trump claimed the American embassy in Baghdad was in danger of an immediate threat. Then it was four embassies. Then the threat went from imminent, to days, and then morphed into the excuse General Solumani has been a threat "for a long time." 

Sooner, or later, Trump's cronies are going to have to appear before congress and answer some serious questions.

For example: Why didn't the State Department issue warnings about specific threats to any US embassies before Trump targeted the Iranian general?

Trump is out-of-control. Being impeached put him over the edge. Why else would he do something so plainly stupid that it stunned Americans and our allies around the world? 

Iran was a wag the dog moment where Trump wanted everyone to take their eyes off his embarrassment that he's been impeached. It was also good theatre to rally his base and fake patriotism at an opportune time.

The majority of Americans aren't fooled by Trump anymore. The polls have shown that. After 15,000 plus lies in three years, Trump has no credibility here, or abroad.

The important thing however, is that the Senate does it's job fairly, and those GOP senators look at the facts before making their decision to acquit, or indict. Their choice is simple; country, or party.

Will those Republican senators elect to protect our Constitution... or, the most corrupt president this country has ever had?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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