Friday, January 3, 2020

Majority of Americans Want To See a Fair Senate Trial But Will That Happen?

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The U.S. Senate is reconvened today, but don't expect an answer on when the impeachment trial will be held, or what the rules will be.

Despite how divisive the impeachment saga has been, most Americans believe the Senate trial should - and will - be handled fairly.

The Senate Republicans, under Moscow Mitch, have no intention of making it a fair trial if they can help it. But there is pressure on them to make it fair.

Seven in 10 Americans in a new ABC/News/Washington Post poll say Trump should allow his top aides to testify. The last thing Moscow Mitch wants is witnesses because he knows their testimonies would be damning for Trump.

McConnell knows Republicans Senators would feel immense pressure if more information came out about Trump's crimes on live TV. Facts are hard to fight when constituents are paying attention.

To complicate Moscow Mitch's battle to protect Trump is Trump himself. He wants a show trial. He's dreaming of bringing Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, onto the senate floor in chains to be tried for treason.

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To Moscow Mitch's credit he knows that's not real world thinking coming from the reality star turned wannabe dictator.

Republicans are going to be the ones in the hot seat because they have to demonstrate it's going to be a fair trial and not a partisan coverup.

If John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, Michael Duffy, and Mark Esper testify, Trump is in deep shit. They'll be more smoking guns uncovered for the public to view. If they don't get called, then accusations of unfairness will follow.

The final consideration lies with those GOP senators who decide to ignore all the evidence, even though it's been a fair trial, and still vote to acquit Trump.

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